Our Brands.

A unique offering of impactful solutions, innovative technology and award-winning creativity.

SpaceMob Studio
Custom video production to help publishers scale up their video strategy.
Capstone Entertainment
Award-wining film development, finance, and production company with a passion for great film.
Yield Nexus
Cutting edge, proprietary optimization technology and SSP.
A video platform for publishers that includes a player, video catalog, monetization and reporting.
Rocket Yield
A mediation layer and optimization platform for video player ad units.
O&O Sites
Multiple sites with engaged audiences, more than 25k original articles, millions of MPVs and a large social footprint.


We specialize in providing solutions to help publishers progress their businesses in meaningful ways.

Header Bidding

Our header bidding solutions include an adapter that connects our marketplaces to your existing client-side wrapper and a complete server-to-server set up for publishers wanting more bidders and increased bid density without the worry of page latency.

Video Production

Don’t rely on shared, licensed videos when there is an affordable option for custom video content tailored to your brand and audience. Videos range from simple collage videos to produced shows on location with talent, scripts, music, etc. Videos produced by SpaceMob Studio are yours to own, control and monetize. Discover more about SpaceMob Studio.

Ad Sales

Investing in an internal sales staff can be costly and risky for publishers. Our commission-only ad sales services builds a direct programmatic sales strategy with an experienced team that gets results, but without the risks or investment of hiring a sales team.

Consultative Ad Ops

Ad operations is a critical role for all publishers, small and large. Our programmatic ad operations consultants are experts in technology integrations, SSP management, private marketplace management and can assist with identifying and implementing optimizations that result in a lift from your ad stack.

Private Marketplace

Working with many publishers in a variety of verticals opens up opportunities for us to combine inventory and command higher CPMs and budgets from private ad deals. It’s the benefit of scale, which benefits everyone involved.

Video Player Mediation

Integrating, testing and prioritizing 3rd party video providers, especially outstream, is difficult and time consuming. No one provider fills every impression and providers focus mostly on advertiser KPIs. Publishers end up with a low filling, unsophisticated ad waterfall. Our Rocket Yield mediation tech fixes all that.

About Us

Answer Media has become one of the nation’s most diversified digital media and advertising technology companies. Our primary focus is on solutions for publishers that help progress their businesses in meaningful ways. We own or have a major interest in a number of business units including VideoMosh, a video monetization platform for publishers that produces hundreds of millions of monthly video ad impressions; SpaceMob Studio, a video production studio helping publishers create video content tailored to their brand and audience; Rocket Yield, a one-of-a-kind mediation layer and optimization platform for all embedded video ad units; a collection of owned and operated sites with creative and impactful content for an engaged audience; Capstone Entertainment, a film development, finance, and production company with more than 16 films to its credit; and Yield Nexus, an innovative, data-driven technology company building automated technology used to power ever-evolving media buying models.