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Using trusted voices to target unique audiences for your brand is an amazing marketing strategy, but organizing and maintaining an effective influencer program is time-consuming and difficult.

In order to nail the content, the process matters. It’s a lot of little details. Although the process flow looks fairly simple, the Answer Media team knows how many things go into even one influencer partnership, let alone multiple. There’s a lot of negotiation as well as reiteration to get the agreed content perfected. We have mastered the process and can allow your team to focus on the bigger picture strategy.

We find you the right influencers for the job at hand and look for those that can turn into long-term partnerships. We find opportunities to grow these strategic relationships and help you get the most out of your assets. We organize all created assets from influencers, as well as work alongside the media buying team to ensure necessary access if set for ongoing usage.


Fundamentals – establish a brand process & communications

No matter how we find your influencers or what social platform they focus on, you need brand consistency. Expectations start with the brand from the start.

We create a comprehensive branded campaign package that includes creative briefs, strategy documents, sign-up forms, landing pages, and more – all tailored to your unique brand standards.

Before we look for an influencer, we want to understand who we need. By working closely with your marketing and media buying teams, we answer several key questions. THEN we move into the recruitment and negotiation stage to find the perfect creators.

How does it work?

It’s more than a social post…It’s an ongoing relationship.

Program Establishment

Collaboration Strategy

Research & Recruitment


Asset & Permission Management

Affiliate Tracking & Payout

Program Establishment

We determine what is needed for a successful program and create various assets such as landing pages, terms, and campaign brief templates.

Collaboration Strategy

We work alongside your marketing and media buying teams to ensure our content collaborations fit into overall strategy or specific ad campaign needs.

Research & Recruitment

We set forth to find not only the right influencers for the job at hand but those that can turn into long-term partnerships. 


We find opportunities to grow these strategic relationships. In some cases, for the long term. 

Asset & Permission Management

We help organize all created assets from influencers, as well as work with the media team to ensure necessary access if set for ongoing usage.

Affiliate Tracking & Payout

We also specialize in finding the right referral/affiliate tracking platform to hook into the brand’s ecommerce platform if one does not already exist.

This allows us to handle:

  • Unique tracking and discount codes
  • Unique tracking links with cookie duration
  • Affiliate dashboard and reporting
  • Automatic affiliate commission payments
  • Seamless collab payouts

The Art of Authenticity


  • Answer Media will provide social campaign planning and scheduling of social communications across brand channels.
  • We will coordinate the strategy of influencer campaigns and work with Partners/Vendors to provide campaign briefs and asset management.
  • Build A Tribe:  We will work to identify your brand supporters who are willing to support the brand in spreading awareness.
  • We will be the eyes and ears of social media understanding the voice of the customer, what content is resonating with them, and using this to drive the content calendar.
  • We will connect the dots of content across channels and maximize the value of content by reusing when we can.
  • We will work with your brand Partners/Vendors to communicate cohesive brand messaging both on and offline.
Case Study

1 Influencer

TikTok Audience 830k

6 Videos









The numbers speak for themselves

Behind the scenes, all the pieces work together.