OVERLAND PARK, KS / MAY 3S 2021 / SPACEMOB Studios, An Answer Media Company, today announced the start of production for season two of Dark Territory, the highly anticipated follow-up season to the UK-based ghost-hunting show.

Dark Territory pushes the boundaries of modern-day ghost hunting. Experiments in “real fear” spark supernatural interactions captured in a cinematic, emotionally-visceral way.

“We are excited to bring Dark Territory to life with SPACEMOB studio.  We have always been passionate about the paranormal and documentary storytelling, and diving into the second season of Dark Territory is really exciting”, said Sean Owen of Dark Territory.

“This show is different.  I know everyone thinks their show is unique, but we have really been able to create a style and vibe that really stands out.  We are excited to be working with SPACEMOB studio to get our show out into the world”, said Sean Kenna of Dark Territory.

“These guys are electric.  There are a lot of ghost hunting shows out there, but we have never seen anything quite like this and we had to be a part of it.  The photography is beautiful and horrifying and the Dark Territory guys are so engaging that our SPACEMOB team calls them the rock stars of the paranormal world”, said Eric Keith, Executive Producer of SPACEMOB studio.

The release of season two of Dark Territory, shot on location throughout the UK, is the latest SPACEMOB Original Series, expanding their collection of original programming.

About SPACEMOB Studio
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