OVERLAND PARK, KS / October 28, 2021 / SPACEMOB studio, an Answer Media company and worldwide distributor of streaming content and channels, today announced the launch of The Red Green Channel on Samsung TV Plus in Canada, channel 1323.

The channel, exclusively distributed by SPACEMOB studio, is the 24/7 destination for the Red Green Show, which follows the hapless handyman Red Green, his nerdy nephew Harold and a colorful cast of characters as they film a do-it-yourself TV show. The cult classic sitcom-sketch comedy hybrid ran on Canadian television for 15 seasons, racking up 23 Gemini nominations (the Canadian equivalent of the Emmy award).

Samsung TV Plus, delivering instant access to news, sports, entertainment and more, has become one of the fastest-growing streaming services in the world following its debut in 2015 and is now a leader in free ad-supported streaming tv.

“By making Red Green available to everyone, it will ignite a new passion for the show in audiences who have never seen it, while giving people already familiar with the show a broader opportunity to consume it.”  said Eric Keith, President – SPACEMOB studio.

About SPACEMOB Studio

Answer Media is a worldwide distributor of streaming content and channels. Its in-house content and film studio, SPACEMOB studio, helps to create and distribute video content that focuses on story as the best way to forge meaningful connections with an audience. For more information, visit https://spacemobstudio.com.