Answer Media Announces Merger with Measure Media

Answer Media and Measure Media Join to Form a Unique Digital Media Growth Company [Overland Park, Kansas] Answer Media, a digital media and advertising technology company, announces its recent merger with Measure Media, a full-stack digital growth agency. Measure...

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Answer Media Acquires Majority Stake in SpaceMob

Overland Park, KS., May 15, 2018 – Answer Media, LLC announced today it has completed its transaction to acquire a majority stake in SpaceMob, LLC, a fast-growing video production studio focused on helping publishers and brands expand their digital video strategies....

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Rocket Yield Video

The co-founders of Rocket Yield sit down to discuss some of the challenges facing publishers and how the Rocket Yield technology focuses on helping publishers.

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Advertisers Should Stop Complaining and Take Control

There has been some good investigative reporting recently within the digital media industry uncovering schemes of publishers buying sketchy traffic to increase page views, the layers of opaque fees charged to advertisers by their DSPs and the limits being pushed by...

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Publishers, Time For An Evolved Outstream Video Strategy

Outstream video (native video or in-read video, take your pick) has become an easy way for publishers to generate video ad revenue without actually having video content, but not without challenges. The number of premium publishers utilizing this ad format has grown...

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The Great Hope for Ads.txt

It's generally accepted across the industry that Ads.txt is a great solution for publishers to protect their inventory and for advertisers to access inventory they expect to buy. However, great solutions often times come with great sacrifices, many of which fall...

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