The Streaming business unit of Answer Media, through its portfolio of businesses, creates, distributes and monetizes content. Leveraging our unique capabilities and vast experience, the Streaming business unit has emerged as a leader in ad-supported streaming media. We work with some of the world’s largest media and technology companies.

Our Content Strategy

With streaming services increasingly needing new content to differentiate and compete, content is our currency.


Our original work is done by our studio, SPACEMOB studio, acquired in 2020 and founded by award-winning filmmakers and Emmy award winning journalist. Our work focuses on premium TV content creation, production and distribution.



We’ve put significant resources and investment around curating, building, distributing, and managing FAST channels for many of the major streaming services.


Content from our portfolio of businesses, partnerships and original work amounts to tens of thousands of hours that can be curated for a custom experience and used across streaming including SVOD, AVOD and FAST channels.


Team members from our studio and other businesses, use established relationships across entertainment, streaming, digital media and advertising to get great projects on major streaming services and out into the world.

Our Monetization Strategy

Our monetization strategy starts with content. Our placement of content across the streaming ecosystem results in revenue generated a number of different ways including:

  1. Licensing deals occur most often when our content is provided to a TV network, cable outlet or to a streaming service in exchange for a fee and exclusive use over a period of time.
  2. Sponsorship deals happen more often with new projects where a brand pays a fee to have its message, product and branding seamlessly integrated into the content.
  3. Revenue from the streaming services in exchange for placement of our content and/or channels when it’s determined they can better monetize the ad inventory.
  4. Revenue from our own advertising where we control a percentage of the ad inventory on the streaming service in exchange for placing our content and/or channels.
  5. Driving sales, via ecommerce, of merchandise and services associated with our shows and channels.


Our Competitive Advantage

Few other companies can combine everything Answer Media has to offer:

  • Rights to a growing catalog of originals + studio and production capabilities to create new original content.
  • Live FAST channels and original content distributed across multiple markets on major streaming services.
  • Technology to normalize and deliver content for VOD, curated into a FAST channel or into the schedule of other channels.
  • Partnerships and investments to achieve scale around monetization and content distribution.
  • Programmatic and digital ad operations experience to scale inventory and monetize it in various ways.



We own outright or have an equity stake in complementary businesses.

An Answer Media portfolio company added in 2018 and acquired in 2020, SPACEMOB is a next generation studio focused on creating, producing and distributing content across streaming and broadcast. SPACEMOB has been tightly integrated into Answer Media by leading all content related work.

An Answer Media portfolio company added in 2018, Capstone is a film development, finance, and production company created by award-winning filmmakers with a passion for great storytelling and a unique ability to collaborate with writers, producers and filmmakers to create the highest quality content.
An Answer Media portfolio business added in 2021, Dooya is all about content aggregation and distribution with more than 100 content partners, tens of thousands of hours of premium content and more than 40 streaming platform integrations. using its proprietary workflow and data optimization process for onboarding and delivery efficiencies.

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