Video Production

Every brand should be thinking like a media company.

Our Approach

Our content production studio, SPACEMOB studio, focuses on two key areas:

  1. Helping businesses produce high-quality video content anywhere, anytime, at an affordable rate.
  2. Assisting creators, studios and web publishers in establishing an entry point in the OTT/Connected TV space by retro-fitting their content for TV and distributing their work.



Video Production

Working with SPACEMOB studio, clients get capabilities for types of video production work: explainer videos, text on-screen, collage-style videos, OTT/TV video production, user-generated content, individual videos and video series.

Editorial Content

SPACEMOB studio has provided thousands of editorial content videos to clients such as publishers, global brands and regional brands big and small.

Branded Content

We can tell the story of your brand through branded content videos: TV commercials, social and digital ads, branded editorial, branded OTT/CTV, and all other forms of branded content.

OTT Content

Production, editing and retro-fitting for TV are all options for SPACEMOB to help you get your business moved to TV.

Visit the SPACEMOB studio website to find out more information on our video production capabilities.

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