We’re a great fit for profit-focused entrepreneurs willing to get their hands dirty.

Our Approach


We are the investment arm of Answer Media, focused on investments in start-ups and profitable businesses that can diversify our portfolio, fit seamlessly with our digital media business or add talent to our team. 

We invest in entrepreneurs who have the foundation of a profitable business built and need assistance getting over the hump. We believe in letting the entrepreneur run their business, while we build out the support systems to enable their growth and help take them to the next level.

This is a collection of products and companies that we have invested in or are currently building:


An on demand video editing platform and service powered by our video production studio, SPACEMOB Studio. We edit your videos so you have great content for social, online marketing, TV and more.
For more, visit VideoMosh

Rapid Funding Solutions

A loan brokerage for businesses to access capital when traditional bank loans aren’t a good fit. The traditional way banks loan to businesses is broken, so we’re here to fill the gap.
For more, visit RapidFundingSolutions

Capstone Entertainment

A film development, finance, and production company created from a passion for great film. We have 17 film projects including Jedi Junior High (2014), Dorm Troopers (2016), and short films Fork and Rendezvous
For more, visit CapstoneEG

Why AM Ventures?


We’re a group of entrepreneurs with experience across a number of skill sets. We deploy our agency teams, our content production groups, and capital on our own brands and portfolio businesses. We always make sure that all stakeholders have skin in the game.  If we’re recommending a strategy it’s highly unlikely that we haven’t tested it with our own money. 

If you’re an entrepreuer looking for a partner that will truly work with you as a partner, let’s talk.

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